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Our goal is to promote a forum where Elders and those who serve them can see and share wisdom, develop and nurture relationships and help create a legacy of culture change.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide education and resources that will assist all entities that serve Elders in transforming their culture of care to be person-centered.

Our Vision

All Elders will have their choices and preferences honored and will experience quality of life, while thriving in the place they choose to live.

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Our Purpose

To help entities that serve Elders see the value in putting the person before the task.


To enhance the lives of Elders and those that serve them and to promote their growth, development and empowerment by providing education and increasing public awareness about culture change toward person-centered care.


To help others understand that listening to and valuing what Elders and those that serve them say is an important part of treating individuals with dignity and respect.


To offer guidance to entities that serve Elders in conducting individual, environmental and organizational self-evaluation and change readiness.


To help entities that serve Elders recognize and understand that culture change and transformation are a journey, and always a work in progress.

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