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NECCC Board Member Feature: Kelly Sparr, Co-Founder & Executive Director at The Grace Space Hospice House


I am currently the President of the NECCC and have been a member of the leadership team for many years. I joined the NECCC because I am passionate about culture change and finding innovative ways to care for people that helps to enhance their quality of life. I have worked with the elderly for the past 30 years and being part of the NECCC encourages me to constantly learn and grow as a Healthcare professional, a caregiver and as a person. The passion, knowledge and love for people that you find within the Leadership Team of the NECCC is something I am incredibly proud to be a part of.

Hospice is where my heart is. There is something about being able to be a part of someone's end-of-life space and journey that is so sacred and special. I embrace every opportunity I can to learn from those I serve as well as love on them and their families. Opening a hospice house has been a dream of mine for 20+ years. This year I will finally get to make that dream come true by the Grace of God and my amazing business partner Sam! The Grace Space will open this fall and will serve 14 people at the end of life.

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